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Royal Carrangarra Hotel

Outback Queensland's Oldest Licenced Hotel Pub Site 

-   What's in Tambo  -

The Royal Carrangarra Hotel is the oldest licensed site in Central Western Outback Queensland.  William Coverly built & opened the first pub in Tambo in 1863.  It was named after the settlement, "Carrangarra".  Carrangarra is an aboriginal word meaning a feasting & resting place.  The hotel was also the site of the first postal service in Tambo, with Cobb & Co. coming into Queensland in 1863, with the hotel being one of its first stopovers.  The hotel has burnt down three times.  Mr E.E.Parr came into possession of the hotel in 1922 & rebuilt the current building after it burnt down in 1954 for the third time.

New owners Ben and Sarah took over the hotel in 2018, and hope to provide a hotel that gives patrons a fun, safe and memorable experience of outback hospitality.  With budget accommodation, Pub Meals, 8 Poker Machines and fantastic entertainment, The Royal Carrangarra hotel has  you covered for your visit to Tambo.

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